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Kids class

Kids Classes (4-13 years old)

Our kids classes are designed for all levels. Kids will be taught skills and technique through warm ups, drills and live rolling. The environment is safe and respectful and your kids will love the games, drilling techniques and friendly competition.


Adult Classes

All levels welcome! Our coaches are excited and ready to help you on your jiu jitsu journey. Some students are just looking for a hobby, some want to lose weight, and others are looking to compete at high levels. Whatever your goals may be, our classes can help you achieve them in a safe and inclusive environment.


All belt levels welcome. Train with this amazing group of women and you'll not only up your game, but also form lasting friendships. No matter your goal, size or age there will be someone there to roll with, drill with or just sit on the mat with!


Women's Classes

Private Classes

If you are wanting to invest in yourself and your game our private classes are highly recommended. Our Professors and coaches will give you one on one lessons to enhance your Jiu Jitsu. Whether you would want to improve your takedowns, sweeps, passing or, submissions this can all be accomplished through signing up for private lessons from one of our many Professors of your choice.


Advanced/Competition Classes

For those looking for more advanced training or to get ready for a competition, this class focuses on higher intensity rolls and specific techniques to set you up for success. Join this class and experience the comradery and team mentality.

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